Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Neon Now

Gwyneth Paltrow at the Grammys

Did anyone notice Gwyneth's neon feather earrings (and matching pink nails) at the Grammys the other night?  I loved the color burst with her all-black outfit.  While, I probably wouldn't wear feather earrings myself, I thought they looked great and were perfect for the occasion.  

Wilfredo Rosado Fine Jewelry
The earrings -- which have added diamond and pink tourmaline bling -- are by Wilfredo Rosado, an incredibly talented and supernice person.

Beyonce and Gwyneth
I am really into the neon trend. I walked into the J.Crew store near my house the other day and was instantly attracted to the loud fluorescent colors mixed into the racks throughout the store. While, I've been going on and on about adding color to my mostly gray wardrobe, the neon thing surprised me. The next thing I knew, I had an armful of electric pink and yellow pieces and was heading to the dressing room.

Jil Sander

3.1 Phillip Lim

Did I make any purchases? No.  I realized that trying on neon in the dead of winter was not the best way to convince myself... but I will definitely be back to buy because I think neon will be a fun wardrobe boost for summer. On my list are pink and yellow neon V-neck tee shirts and a pair of khaki shorts with a neon pink stripe on the sides. I can handle the ultrabright hues when they are in simple cuts and paired basics.  Maybe I'll add a florescent shoe or bag to my must-haves...  

Jimmy Choo

**  What did you think of Gwyneth's "Futura" Louboutins?

Christian Louboutin


  1. GPM rocked them, a bit too daring for me though. Great read, NEON is back, but not a trend I will adopt. Well, maybe a pedicure color.

  2. Perfect for a summer pedicure! Neon prob looks better with a tan...