Friday, February 4, 2011

The Leggings Look


I never thought I would wear leggings. When the rage hit about five years ago, I envied those who looked good in them (Kate Moss) and pitied those that didn't (me).  I bought a few pairs to try at American Apparel and the Gap and then quickly relegated them to the pajama drawer. 

But I revisited the leggings look when I went through my first post-pregnancy stage. My regular jeans were uncomfortable and I couldn't bear putting on maternity jeans one more time. I needed something easy and comfortable. So, I experimented with different brands of leggings and the various ways to wear them  -- and I never thought the day would come, but now they are a complete staple. Playdate, meeting, cocktails -- I wear them everywhere!

It is all about finding the right pair. I found mine at Zara -- which is great because they are cheap and I could buy in bulk. The keys are texture and fit. They should be thick (very opaque) enough to conceal all the flaws but not so heavy that they add pounds.  And tight enough to suck everything in and create a smooth line, but not so much so that they look obscene.

Donna Karan leggings
Vanessa Bruno Athe leggings
L'Agence leggings

What to wear on top? Something longish -- just below-the-bum or mid-thigh -- cardigans, button-ups, shirt dresses (belted).  Layering looks great with leggings. And keep the colors monotone -- this is not the time to mix in prints or brights. Stick with black, grays, white.

Potential pitfalls: 
-  Too thin fabric: If they are even slightly sheer or have a sheen, it does not look good
-  Washed out fabric: Don't wear them out of the house if they are faded and stretched 
-  Workout clothes do not qualify (i.e. save your Lululemons for the gym)

Give them a try -- they are a perfect mid-season transition piece. Comfort can be chic!

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  1. Love the look with flats, but don't I could muster the courage to wear leggings with heels. At 5'3 I could use the height though.