Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Going Wide

Derek Lam
I've been going skinny for a few years now... squeezing myself into the tightest jeans I possibly can -- even when I was very pregnant. Despite my husband telling me that even Kate Moss doesn't look good in skinny jeans (I beg to differ), I persisted. And since I've gone skinny, I'm not sure I can ever go back. 

I admit that I recently bought a pair of J.Brand bootcuts to wear over a pair of high Louboutin boots. I tried them on for my sister, who gasped and said, "What is this 1998?"! Back to Saks they went. I even tried the whole "boyfriend" jean thing -- and just felt sloppy. Sticking with my skinnies.

But maybe now is the time to go to the other extreme -- super wide-leg denim. There is something chic for spring about the flared jean -- seventies jet-set. They actually can be quite flattering, if worn right. Heel height is important -- unless you are supermodel tall, the higher the better when it comes to footwear. And I love a platform with wide-legs. I'm into the high-waisted style, too, with a blouse tucked in or even a basic tank or tee.

Notify jeans

MIH jeans

A look from the new Rachel Zoe collection

So, I'll give wide a try this spring -- but I am not giving up my skinnies! 

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  1. Love the wide-leg black pants. If I can find them in a good material this may be the life I need interjected into my work wardrobe. Between this and the statement necklaces, I’m inspired. Thanks. Not sure about jeans though… DC is not very downtown to get away with it. Although, Obama likes his jeans high-waisted. :)