Friday, March 25, 2011

The (White) Denim Diaries, Part II

I went to Zara in search of white jeans (see my previous post on my hunt for this summer staple). They had none. I ended up with this...

A white cotton tiered minidress.  Looks much cuter on than in the pic. It has an exposed zipper in the back which adds a little character. Will probably wear it with flat sandals for summer nights or afternoon parties. Need to experiment with accessorizing it.

Love this mini -- has a retro feel to it. The stiff fabric and slight A-line is really flattering. Again, will wear with flats and maybe topped with a simple tank. 

Pretty blouse in blue...  wish it was an even deeper navy but I like it nonetheless.  Seems like it will be versatile in my wardrobe.

I liked the slouchy casualness of these tanks. The colors are fun and the zipper is a cool detail. Will wear with white jeans (if I ever find them!).
I can't even explain how comfortable these little canvas-y flats are!  They have a rubber sole so, they are perfect for the playground and running around with the kids -- I will not worry about ruining them because they were literally less than $30!

Note: I tried on lots of poppy red pieces (see Red Alert), and had no luck. Maybe the hue is just not for me? 

While my search for white jeans continues, I am making some great discoveries along the way!


  1. You touched on something so CHIC and Celine SS11. Bright colored jeans! The new WHITE jean! Agree?

  2. Love the dress.

    Ok, so I buy white jeans in bulk and I have to say I love Levi. White Wrangles are the official jeans for POLO, but I can bring myself to wearing Wrangles. Levi's are not too thin and have stretch which is great for riding and I can bleach them too w/o falling apart! Try some on for fun and let me know what you think.

  3. Will have to try Levis! And I love the idea of bright colored jeans too! Back to the shops....