Thursday, March 17, 2011

Red Alert

Need a little inspiration to get your bright on?  Natalia Vodianova radiates in her little red jacket and matching Chanel bag.   

The stores are full of this poppy hue for spring... I stopped into Zara the other day and saw racks of pieces in this spirited shade. I love buying on-trend pieces there because it is not a big investment or a commitment.  Wear it just few times during the season and it is no big loss.  I'm thinking of going back to get a one of these dresses and the basic tank.

I bought this for my mini-mes (wish they had it in my size!):

A cute cotton short or skirt in this tomato red might be an simple/sweet way to wear it -- with just a white tank or tee. 


A slouchy tote or flats in red would no doubt end up being summer staples...I like the matte leather in this shade of red.

Marc Jacobs


I think a little poppy could go a long way, no?


  1. I lost myself in the Zara site today (don't tell my employer)! Their boys clothes are adorable! And I love the simple style of all their clothes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Zara has super cute kids clothes! I buy a lot there for the girls.. esp basics like leggings, etc.