Monday, March 28, 2011

The Everything Shirt

I am just coming off throwing a big kids' party... and now on to packing up and moving houses.  During this crazy time, all I want to wear are my soft, cotton button-up shirts.  I lived in a super casual cut from J.Crew post-pregnancy, and am now back to wearing it again. Once I realized how much use this top would get, I bought in bulk -- light and dark chambray, white, and a light peachy-nude.  They are so versatile -- I wear them belted with leggings, tucked into my jeans or just loose and easy. In the summer, they go over swimsuits or atop shorts.


While I don't think they have the same exact style in stores now, any iteration is a good one. It is also the perfect seasonal transition piece as it can so easily be layered under sweaters or worn with the sleeves rolled up and unbuttoned just enough. Ironing? Forget it. The lived-in look just adds to the beauty of this everything shirt.

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