Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The (White) Denim Diaries, Part I

White jeans are always the hardest to track down...  I think the challenge is in finding the right combo of a not-too-thin denim and a tight enough fit. Last year, I spent the entire season trying on white jeans and never ending up buying a pair. I gave up when it started snowing. Now, I am on the hunt again.  I am going to start with the J.Brand pencil leg that I've been wearing in dark denim lately and go from there... Maybe try J.Crew, the Gap, Current/Elliot... A friend told me she found a good pair from Notify. And I actually like the look of the Victoria Beckham jeans!
Victoria Beckham "Mid-rise skinny" jeans
J.Brand "912 low-rise skinny" jeans
Current/Elliott "Stiletto low-rise cropped  skinny" jeans

J.Crew "Matchstick" jean

J.Crew "Toothpick" jean

I do have a pair from Zara that I've worn for years now but they are just OK, not great. I know that the perfect-fitting pair is out there!  Let's just hope I find it before the season is over. 

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  1. I have the "toothpick" Jcrew in white. They are cute and great for the price, especially since I only wear them for three months. That being said, there are better-fitting jeans out there...I like the JBrand "Skinny" in ankle length.