Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Right Raincoat

As I am dashing in and out of the pouring rain, I realize that I do not have a real raincoat. Yes, a trench is superversatile, chic wardrobe-staple and I would never give it up -- but somedays, I need something with a hood! Balancing multiple kids and an armful of bags--while picking up dropped rainboots and avoiding getting poked in the eye by a frog umbrella--I think I need something practical, and gasp, even utilitarian. But does it have to be ugly?

Stella McCartney

I like this Stella McCartney version of a mac. But if I am going for something practical, perhaps that should apply to the price tag too


A classic, shiny slicker in a bright color could be fun. No reason to try and go too fashion-y (I am in the suburbs, after all). 

P.S. Who knew TopShop had online shopping? 

Does anyone have a good (relatively stylish) solution to dealing with the rain?

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