Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Perfect Pout

Alexa Chung

I love the idea of red lips -- it looks so chic and glamorous with a bare face and tousled hair.  But for some reason when I wear it, I feel like a child who got into her mother's makeup drawer.
Maybe it all depends on the shade and how and when you wear it. Red lipstick during the day just doesn't fly with my suburban mom lifestyle. If I was a city mom, maybe.  I do like to wear color (usually glossy pink) on my lips when I  am running around town because I rarely wear makeup and it makes me feel a little more done (wishful thinking?). But scarlet red? No.

I can handle trying a bold pout for night, though.  It seems the way to do it is with minimal everything else -- makeup, hair, jewelry, clothes. (See Charlotte Casiraghi in my previous post.) Otherwise, the risk is looking drag queen-y. I also like a darker shade of red and in matte, like Alexa Chung's above. Now the question is which lipstick to buy?  Off to Sephora. Will report back.


  1. I love this model's eye makeup, especially to go with an evening look complete with red pout... But, how? Mascara, of course, my makeup staple - It must always be worn. But that is the extent of my eye makeup, I am a minimalist when it comes to makeup, generally speaking.

    Do you have any tips on using eyeliner and shadow? Are "smokey" eyes still in? Or should I just stick with the mascara?

  2. Even for a working mom, a red pout is a stretch. I have visions of myself fair-skinned with only red lips. Joker, anyone? The most enviable pout is Charlotte C.

  3. I love smokey eyes at night -- but with a paler lip.