Friday, August 5, 2011

My IT Bag

I remember years ago, how I lusted, lusted after the original Balenciaga "Le Dix" motorcycle bag. I thought Kate Moss was the absolute coolest toting around that black leather prize.  I had to have it -- even though I couldn't afford it.  I carried that bag everywhere. And I love it to this day, as well as the bright pink one I subsequently bought.  

My mouth still waters at every incarnation -- the colors, textures, hardware.  My friend has a gunmetal-y metallic in a larger size that I know would make my life complete. The bright green, electric yellow, baby blue... Oh, have you seen the versions in croc? Beyond! I had to hold myself back from splurging on the canvas version I saw earlier this year. And then the raffia one.  Not sure what it is about the Balenciaga bag, but safe to say, it is my all-time favorite.

I saw an oversized one today on a superchic but casually-dressed woman -- a matte light gray with bright silver hardware. I think this might have to be my new fall bag. I've been wanting the Emile tote from Alexander Wang, and I really like the latest from Proenza Schouler. And of course, those understated Celine bags are amazing. But for me, I think, the Balenciaga motorcycle bag is still IT. 

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