Monday, September 12, 2011

Hong Kong Bound

Hong Kong Harbour

For me, the bright side of summer's end is new fall fashion (think cozying up in cashmere and squeezing into skinny jeans) and fashion week fun. New York City is abuzz with the spirit of style and it is always so exciting.

This season, however, I am (once again) packing up my closet, my kids, and everything else and heading overseas to Hong Kong.  

We lived there for two years and it was an incredible experience and I am looking forward to going back (although sad to leave my family and friends, of course). 

And while I still can't help myself buying cold-weather sweaters and jeans, I am also scrambling to find the few remaining sundresses left of the racks -- it will still be in the high-80s/90s there for the next couple months! And never quite dips below 50.

Just when I think I have my uniform down, my life takes an exciting new turn. Hopefully, a closet filled with classics will serve me well along the way.

So, as my wardrobe changes and evolves, so will my blog. Stay tuned! 

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  1. We will miss your fashion voice from the east coast but look forward to hearing it from the FAR EAST.