Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Spirit of the Sale

Jason Wu for TSE 
Usually, by mid-season I have my wardrobe down -- my uniform and my favorite pieces are set. If I haven't found something in particular that I was looking for, I've given up and moved on.  I tire of shopping.  Then the end of season sales start and I am reinvigorated. I love perusing the marked-down racks here and there and seeing if anything catches my fancy. Nothing specific, no pressure, just enjoyment. I always end up finding great pieces that I work into my wardrobe one way or another. 

Summer sales are the best.  So far I've done pretty well and bought pieces that I would not have necessarily considered otherwise and not necessarily because of the price: A Jason Wu for TSE striped cashmere sweater -- love it for all year round; a little Rebecca Taylor dress with a boho vibe; a short, satin-y, no-name tank dress; some tunics; a Chanel-like jacket for fall... and a few other pieces that have found their way into my closet. It's shopping for the fun of it.

Now, a little fashion break before we start planning for fall...

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