Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Red Bag

Jenna Lyons with a Celine bag from
Red bags have been catching my eye lately...  I love how the punch of color can perk up any look. (Notice how Jenna Lyons, above, matches her lipstick to her bag.)

A Celine tote, like Lyons', is on my wishlist... I know I would carry it everywhere. 

But I also really like this smaller, very prim shape. It's a little grandma-y and I am not sure when or where I would carry it, but I think it's kind of chic.

The Celine version from a few seasons ago is a true classic.


I've been eyeing these from J.Crew and Zara:



While, I've never been a real purse person, I think I could try and work one into my wardrobe in an edgier way and give this retro-style a more youthful flair.

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